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VCL Rich Edit Components

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The Rich Edit UI control and the Document Server component allow you to generate and edit rich text documents in different formats.

Rich Edit Control

The VCL Rich Edit control allows you to create applications with a user experience inspired by Microsoft Word®.

VCL Rich Edit Control

Automatic Ribbon/Toolbar UI Generation

You can create a word processor application with a fully-functional Ribbon or Toolbar UI in a few clicks:

VCL Rich Edit: Automatic UI Generation for the Rich Edit Control

Refer to the following topics for details:

Document Server

The VCL Document Server is a non-visual component designed to generate, edit, and convert documents without user interaction. This component uses the same document model as the Rich Edit control but requires no visual libraries. Since the Document Server removes all heavyweight dependencies, we recommend that you use it to create lightweight console applications.

Refer to the following topics for details:

Supported Document Elements

Format Documents

Format Document Text
You can change format attributes of any text fragment. You can also create styles that set multiple format attributes simultaneously. Use styles to apply the same formatting to different parts of a document.
Change the Page Layout
You can apply settings such as page orientation, paper kind, and margins. You can also divide a page into columns and insert page breaks, or apply separate layout settings to the first page of your document and hide its header and footer to start numbering from the second page.
Build a Table of Contents
The control can build a table of contents based on document headers or embedded object labels. Ctrl+Click on a table entry navigates to the corresponding position in a document.

Refer to the following topics for details:

Mail Merge

Rich Edit components can generate documents based on a template with value placeholders. You can connect an external data source to populate placeholders with numeric values, text, and images.

VCL Rich Edit: Template Content Example

Refer to the following topic for details: Mail Merge.

Supported Document Formats

VCL Rich Edit components allow you to import and export documents in the following formats:

  • Office OpenXML Document (DOCX)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Microsoft Word® Binary Document Format (DOC)
  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • Plain text (TXT)

Refer to the following topics for details:

HTML Support Limitations

Rich Edit components have no web browser or HTML editor functionality because they do not work with HTML tags directly. HTML import routines interpret tags in a source document and build an internal document model according to the current import settings.


HTML import and export routines support only a limited subset of the modern HTML standard; therefore, imported and exported documents may look different compared to corresponding source documents.

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