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VCL PDF Viewer

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The VCL PDF Viewer control allows you to view, sign, and encrypt Portable Document Format (PDF) files in your application.

VCL PDF Viewer: A PDF Viewer-Based Application Example

The following topics contain information on the basic PDF Viewer functionality:

Automatic Ribbon/Toolbar UI Generation

You can create a PDF viewer-based form with a fully-functional Ribbon or Toolbar UI in a few clicks:

Automatic UI Generation for the PDF Viewer Control

Refer to the following topics for details:

The PDF Viewer control has a built-in Navigation pane that includes the following pages:

Page Thumbnails

Users can click a page thumbnail to navigate to the corresponding page.

PDF Document Thumbnails


Bookmarks help users quickly navigate to a page in the document or to an external URI.

PDF Document Bookmarks


A document can contain multiple file attachments in any format (images, text files, PDF files, etc.)

PDF Document Attachments

Refer to the following topic for more information: Navigation Pane.

Support for Interactive Forms

A PDF document can include a form with interactive fields. Users can edit such fields directly in the PDF Viewer control:

Interactive PDF Form Example

Refer to the following topic for details: Interactive Forms.

PDF Document API

You can use a PDF document container without a PDF Viewer control to manage documents programmatically. Refer to the following topics for details:

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