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VCL Skin Library

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The VCL Skin Library includes multiple built-in skins that allow you to change the appearance of an application created with DevExpress VCL controls.

Skin Examples

Refer to the following articles for more information on how to use skins:

VCL Skin Editor

The VCL Skin Editor allows you to create custom skins. Select any existing skin as a template. Modify its images, colors, fonts, and other settings as necessary.

VCL Skin Editor

Refer to the following topics to learn more on how to use the editor:

Built-in Skins

DevExpress VCL controls support vector and raster skins. As the names suggest, the difference is in the types of images our designers create – vector or raster. These images define how UI elements paint their backgrounds, edges, and corners.

Vector Skins

Vector skins use SVG images that render sharp elements regardless of DPI changes. These skins are recommended for users with high-resolution monitors and those who use custom DPI settings (for example, an element size other than 100%).

The following skins are available:

Microsoft Office® Style Skins
Office2019Black, Office2019Colorful, Office2019DarkGray, and Office2019White
Unique Skins Designed by DevExpress
TheBezier and Basic

Raster Skins

These skins use bitmaps with fixed sizes (16x16, 32x32, etc.). Raster skin variety is much greater than vector skins:

Microsoft Office® Style Skins
Office2016Colorful, Office2016Dark, Office2013DarkGray, Office2013LightGray, Office2013White, Office2010Black, Office2010Blue, Office2010Silver, Office2007Black, Office2007Blue, Office2007Green, Office2007Silver, and Office2007Pink
Unique Skins Designed by DevExpress
DevExpressDarkStyle, DevExpressStyle, Black, Blue, Pumpkin, Springtime, Summer2008, Valentine, Xmas2008Blue, Blueprint, Caramel, Coffee, Darkroom, DarkSide, Foggy, GlassOceans, HighContrast, iMaginary, Lilian, LiquidSky, LondonLiquidSky, McSkin, Metropolis, MetropolisDark, MoneyTwins, Sharp, SharpPlus, Stardust, TheAsphaltWorld, and Whiteprint
Visual Studio® Style Skins
VisualStudio2013Blue, VisualStudio2013Dark, VisualStudio2013Light, and VS2010
Windows® 7 Style Skins
Seven and SevenClassic