ASPxSummaryItem.GetTotalFooterDisplayText(GridViewColumn, Object) Method

Formats the specified value according to the current total summary item's format settings, when the summary is displayed within the grid's footer.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v20.2.dll


public string GetTotalFooterDisplayText(
    GridViewColumn column,
    object value
Public Function GetTotalFooterDisplayText(
    column As GridViewColumn,
    value As Object
) As String


Name Type Description
column GridViewColumn

A GridViewColumnobject that specifies the column, the values of which are aggregated by the summary.

value Object

An object that is the summary value.


Type Description

A String value that is the summary display text.


The pattern used to format the summary value can be specified by a summary item's ASPxSummaryItemBase.DisplayFormat or ASPxSummaryItemBase.ValueDisplayFormat property, or by the underlying column's EditPropertiesBase.DisplayFormatString property. If no format pattern is specified explicitly, the default pattern used to format values of the predefined summary types is used (see Predefined Aggregate Functions to learn more).

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