ASPxAutoCompleteBoxBase Properties

Serves as the base type for the ASPxComboBox and ASPxTokenBox objects.
Name Description
AccessibilityCompliant Enables accessibility support. Inherited from ASPxButtonEditBase.
AccessibilityLabelText Specifies the editor’s label text for a screen reader. Inherited from ASPxTextBoxBase.
AccessKey Gets or sets the access key that allows you to quickly navigate to the Web server control. Inherited from WebControl.
Adapter protected Gets the browser-specific adapter for the control. Inherited from Control.
AllowEllipsisInText Specifies if the combo box can automatically truncate the item’s text if it doesn’t fit into the item’s width.
AllowMouseWheel Gets or sets a value that specifies whether an end-user is able to change the editor’s value using the mouse wheel. Inherited from ASPxButtonEditBase.