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Drop-Down Editor

The ASPxDropDownEdit allows you to place any content inside its drop-down window.

The image below shows an ASPxDropDownEdit control that contains ASPxListBox and ASPxButton controls.



  • Templates (See demo)

    You can use templates to specify the control’s content (ASPxDropDownEdit.DropDownWindowTemplate).

  • Null Prompt Text

    You can use the editor’s ASPxDropDownEdit.NullText property to display a prompt in the editor’s edit box. The prompt text disappears when the editor receives focus.

  • Button Collection

    The ASPxDropDownEdit control allows you to create custom edit buttons (ASPxDropDownEdit.Buttons.

  • Validation

    The ASPxDropDownEdit control allows you to validate its data on the client and server sides.

Visual Elements



<dx:ASPxDropDownEdit ClientInstanceName="checkComboBox" ID="ASPxDropDownEdit1" ...>    
        <dx:ASPxListBox Width="100%" ID="listBox" ...>
        <table style="width: 100%">

Online Demos