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The ToggleSwitch control represents a switch that can be toggled between states. It contains a toggle switch and a content area. In addition to the standard True/False states, ToggleSwitch supports the Indeterminate state.


The ToggleSwitch control offers the following features.

  • Optional indeterminate state

    Setting the ToggleSwitch.IsThreeState property to true allows the ToggleSwitch control to hold a null value. This is called the Indeterminate state.

  • Multiple content positions

    The content area indicates the current state of the toggle switch editor. To specify the content position, use the ToggleSwitch.ContentPlacement property.

  • Optional toggle flip animation

    Set the ToggleSwitch.EnableAnimation property to false to disable toggle flip animation.

  • Optimized for in-place editing

    The ToggleSwitch can be used standalone or as an in-place editor nested in a container control. The ToggleSwitch class implements the in-place editing functionality. See In-place Editors to learn more.

Standalone ToggleSwitch

To add a standalone ToggleSwitch to a Window, drag it from the Toolbox.

The following sample demonstrates how to create a ToggleSwitch using XAML markup.

<dxe:ToggleSwitch HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center"
    CheckedStateContent="ON" UncheckedStateContent="OFF" ContentPlacement="Both"/>

In-Place ToggleSwitch

To embed a ToggleSwitch into a container control, use the ToggleSwitchEditSettings class.

The following sample demonstrates how to embed a ToggleSwitch into a GridControl column.

<dxg:GridControl Name="grid">
        <dxg:GridColumn FieldName="Processed">
                <dxe:ToggleSwitchEditSettings CheckedStateContent="Yes" />