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UploadAdvancedModeSettings Properties

Contains settings that relate to the Advanced Upload Mode of ASPxUploadControl.
Name Description
DropZoneText Specifies a text displayed in a drop zone.
EnableDragAndDrop Specifies whether end-users can add files to the control file list by dragging them to the upload control.
EnableFileList Specifies whether a file list is available in the upload control.
EnableMultiSelect Gets or sets a value specifying whether multi-file selection is allowed in an ASPxUpoadControl.
ExternalDropZoneID Gets or sets the ID (or a list of IDs) of a web control or HTML element where files can be dragged and dropped for upload.
FileListItemStyle Gets the style settings defining the appearance of file list items.
FileListPosition Specifies the position of a file list in the upload control.
PacketSize Gets or sets the size of file packets.
TemporaryFolder Gets or sets the server folder where files, which are currently being uploaded, are maintained.
UploadingExpirationTime Gets or sets the file uploading expiration time.
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