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UnboundSiteMapProvider Properties

Represents an unbound site map provider that can hold and generate site map data.
Name Description
CurrentNode Gets the SiteMapNode object that represents the currently requested page. Inherited from SiteMapProvider.
Description Gets a brief, friendly description suitable for display in administrative tools or other user interfaces (UIs). Inherited from ProviderBase.
EnableLocalization Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating whether localized values of SiteMapNode attributes are returned. Inherited from SiteMapProvider.
EnableRoles Gets or sets a value indicating whether the ASP.NET role management feature is enabled. Inherited from UnboundSiteMapProviderBase.
Name Gets the friendly name used to refer to the provider during configuration. Inherited from ProviderBase.
ParentProvider Gets or sets the parent SiteMapProvider object of the current provider. Inherited from SiteMapProvider.
ResourceKey Get or sets the resource key that is used for localizing SiteMapNode attributes. Inherited from SiteMapProvider.
RootNode Gets the root node of the site map. Inherited from UnboundSiteMapProviderBase.
RootProvider Gets the root SiteMapProvider object in the current provider hierarchy. Inherited from SiteMapProvider.
SecurityTrimmingEnabled Gets a Boolean value indicating whether a site map provider filters site map nodes based on a user’s role. Inherited from SiteMapProvider.
SiteMapFileName Gets or sets the path to the file that contains the site map data. Inherited from UnboundSiteMapProviderBase.
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