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RibbonGalleryProperties Properties

Contains settings specific to a ribbon gallery drop-down window.
Name Description
AllowSelectItem Gets or sets a value specifying whether items can be selected within the ribbon gallery drop-down item.
ColumnCount Gets or sets the number of columns displayed in a gallery drop-down item‘s drop-down window.
ImageHeight Specifies the height of gallery item images.
ImagePosition Gets or sets the position of ribbon gallery item images within the gallery drop-down item.
ImageWidth Specifies the width of gallery item images.
MaxTextWidth Specifies the maximum width of the gallery item text.
RowCount Gets or sets the number of rows displayed in a gallery item‘s drop-down window. Inherited from RibbonDropDownGalleryProperties.
ShowGroupText Specifies whether gallery group texts are displayed. Inherited from RibbonDropDownGalleryProperties.
ShowText Specifies whether item text is displayed in the gallery drop-down item.
Value Gets or sets the item value.
ValueType Gets the data type of the item values.
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