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Item Types

This topic lists the item types that are available in the ASPxRibbon control.

Editor Name Ribbon Item Type Description Image
Button RibbonButtonItem Implements the button functionality ASPxRibbon_ButtonItem
Check Box RibbonCheckBoxItem Implements the check box functionality ASPxRibbon_CheckBoxItem
Color Button RibbonColorButtonItem Implements the color edit functionality ASPxRibbon_ColorItem
Combo Box RibbonComboBoxItem Implements the combo box functionality ASPxRibbon_ComboItem
Date Edit RibbonDateEditItem Implements the date edit functionality ASPxRibbon_DateEditItem
Drop-Down Button RibbonDropDownButtonItem Implements the drop-down button functionality ASPxRibbon_DropDownItem
Drop-Down Gallery RibbonGalleryDropDownItem Combines the drop-down and gallery bar functionalities ASPxRibbon_DropDownGalleryItem
Drop-Down Toggle Button RibbonDropDownToggleButtonItem Combines the drop-down and toggle button functionalities ASPxRibbon_DropDownToggleItem
Gallery Bar RibbonGalleryBarItem Implements the gallery bar functionality ASPxRibbon_GalleryBarItem
Option Button RibbonOptionButtonItem Implements the option button functionality ASPxRibbon_OptionItem
Spin Edit RibbonSpinEditItem Implements the spin edit functionality ASPxRibbon_SpinItem
Template Item RibbonTemplateItem Allows you to provide a custom item template ASPxRibbon_TemplateItem
Text Box RibbonTextBoxItem Implements the text box functionality ASPxRibbon_TextBoxItem
Toggle Button RibbonToggleButtonItem Implements the toggle button functionality ASPxRibbon_ToggleItem