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GridDataColumnSettings Members

Serves as a base for classes that provide data column settings in grid-like controls.


Name Description
GridDataColumnSettings() Initializes a new instance of the GridDataColumnSettings class with default settings.


Name Description
AllowEllipsisInText Specifies if the column’s (row’s for ASPxVerticalGrid) cell texts can be automatically truncated if they don’t fit into the cell width.
AllowFilterBySearchPanel Gets or sets whether end-users can filter data by the column’s (row’s for ASPxVerticalGrid) display text using the search panel.
AllowHeaderFilter Gets or sets whether the filter button is displayed within the current column’s (row’s for ASPxVerticalGrid) header.
AllowSort Specifies whether a user can sort data by column (or row for ASPxVerticalGrid) values.
FilterMode Specifies the filter mode for columns and rows (for ASPxVerticalGrid) values).
HeaderFilterMode Obsolete. Obsolete API.
ShowEditorInBatchEditMode Specifies whether an editor is displayed for a read-only cell in batch edit mode.
ShowInFilterControl Gets or sets whether an end-user can create filter conditions in the current column (row for ASPxVerticalGrid) in the filter control.
SortMode Specifies how the control sorts data in a column (a row for ASPxVerticalGrid).


Name Description
Assign(GridDataColumnSettings) Copies the settings from the specified GridDataColumnSettings object to the current object.
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