FileSystemProviderBase.CreateFolder(FileManagerFolder, String) Method

Override this method to implement folder creation.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v20.2.dll


public virtual void CreateFolder(
    FileManagerFolder parent,
    string name


Name Type Description
parent FileManagerFolder

A FileManagerFolder value that is the immediate parent folder to which the created folder belongs.

name String

A String value that is the name of the created folder.


If you create a custom file system provider inherited from the FileSystemProviderBase class, you can override the CreateFolder method to perform folder creation.

By default, the method has no implementation, and should be overridden if folder creation is allowed (the FileManagerSettingsEditing.AllowCreate property is set to true).


using DevExpress.Web.ASPxFileManager;
using System.IO;
public class LinqFileSystemProvider : FileSystemProviderBase {
    const int DbRootItemId = 1;
    DbFileSystemDataContext dataContext;
    Dictionary<int, DbFileSystemItem> folderCache;
    string rootFolderDisplayName;

    public LinqFileSystemProvider(string rootFolder)
        : base(rootFolder) {
        this.dataContext = new DbFileSystemDataContext();

    public DbFileSystemDataContext DataContext { get { return dataContext; } }

    // Used to decrease the number of recursive LINQ to SQL queries made to a database
    public Dictionary<int, DbFileSystemItem> FolderCache { get { return folderCache; } }

    public override string RootFolderDisplayName { get { return rootFolderDisplayName; } }

    public override IEnumerable<FileManagerFile> GetFiles(FileManagerFolder folder) {
        DbFileSystemItem dbFolderItem = FindDbFolderItem(folder);
            from dbItem in DataContext.DbFileSystemItems
            where !dbItem.IsFolder && dbItem.ParentId == dbFolderItem.Id
            select new FileManagerFile(this, folder, dbItem.Name);
    public override IEnumerable<FileManagerFolder> GetFolders(FileManagerFolder parentFolder) {
        DbFileSystemItem dbFolderItem = FindDbFolderItem(parentFolder);
            from dbItem in FolderCache.Values
            where dbItem.IsFolder && dbItem.ParentId == dbFolderItem.Id
            select new FileManagerFolder(this, parentFolder, dbItem.Name);
    public override bool Exists(FileManagerFile file) {
        return FindDbFileItem(file) != null;
    public override bool Exists(FileManagerFolder folder) {
        return FindDbFolderItem(folder) != null;
    public override System.IO.Stream ReadFile(FileManagerFile file) {
        return new MemoryStream(FindDbFileItem(file).Data.ToArray());
    public override DateTime GetLastWriteTime(FileManagerFile file) {
        var dbFileItem = FindDbFileItem(file);
        return dbFileItem.LastWriteTime.GetValueOrDefault(DateTime.Now);

    // File/folder management operations
    public override void CreateFolder(FileManagerFolder parent, string name) {
            dbItem => DataContext.DbFileSystemItems.InsertOnSubmit(new DbFileSystemItem() {
                IsFolder = true,
                LastWriteTime = DateTime.Now,
                Name = name,
                ParentId = dbItem.Id
    public override void DeleteFile(FileManagerFile file) {
        UpdateAndSubmitChanges(file, dbItem =>
    public override void DeleteFolder(FileManagerFolder folder) {
        UpdateAndSubmitChanges(folder, dbItem =>
    public override void MoveFile(FileManagerFile file, FileManagerFolder newParentFolder) {
        UpdateAndSubmitChanges(file, dbItem => dbItem.ParentId =
    public override void MoveFolder(FileManagerFolder folder, FileManagerFolder newParentFolder)
        UpdateAndSubmitChanges(folder, dbItem => dbItem.ParentId =
    public override void RenameFile(FileManagerFile file, string name) {
        UpdateAndSubmitChanges(file, dbItem => dbItem.Nam