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File System Providers

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A file system provider is an API that allows access to a virtual file system in the ASPxFileManager control. This API allows you to get the file and folder hierarchy, and edit file manager items (for example, create a folder, rename files/folders, delete files/folders). The ASPxFileManager control uses the provider for all operations in the file system.


The ASPxFileManager supports the following file systems:

  • Physical disk storage;
  • Shared network storage;
  • Database storage;
  • Cloud storage: Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Azure Service, and Dropbox Service
  • Custom storage.

File Manager Provider Types

Use the ASPxFileManager.ProviderType property to specify the type of file system provider used by the file manager. You can set this property to the following values.

Predefined File System Provider Types

<dx:ASPxFileManager ID="FileManager" runat="server" ProviderType="GoogleDrive" >
    <!-- ... -->
    <SettingsGoogleDrive AccountName="FileManagerGoogleDriveAccount" />


void RegisterAccounts() {
    AccountManager.RegisterGoogleDrive("UploadGoogleDriveAccount", UploadingUtils.GetGoogleDriveClientEmailValue(), UploadingUtils.GetGoogleDrivePrivateKeyValue());

Custom File System Provider Type

Custom file system provider allows you to create your own custom provider, inherited from a FileSystemProviderBase class or one of the predefined provider classes. See the following help topic to learn more: Custom File System Provider.

Automatically Assigned File System Provider Type

The default (NotSet) type of file system provider is determined automatically. If the ASPxFileManager.CustomFileSystemProvider or ASPxFileManager.CustomFileSystemProviderTypeName property is specified, the file manager uses the custom file system provider. Otherwise, if the ASPxFileManager.DataSource or ASPxFileManager.DataSourceID property is specified, the control uses the data source file system provider. In all other cases the physical data system provider is used.