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CalendarPickerViewCellInitializeEventArgs Properties

Provides data for the ASPxCalendar.PickerViewCellInitialize event.
Name Description
Date Gets the cell processed in the calendar. Inherited from CalendarPickerViewCellEventArgs.
DisplayText Gets or sets the processed cell’s display text.
EncodeHtml Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the cell display text keeps any of its values that are HTML as HTML, or instead, strips out the HTML markers.
IsOtherPeriodDate Returns the value that specifies whether the processed cell doesn’t refer to the current period (month, year, century). Inherited from CalendarPickerViewCellEventArgs.
IsSelected Gets whether the cell has been selected. Inherited from CalendarPickerViewCellEventArgs.
NavigateUrl Gets or sets a URL that defines the navigation location for the cell hyperlink.
NavigateUrlTarget Gets or sets the window or frame for which to target the contents of the URL associated with the cell by the CalendarPickerViewCellInitializeEventArgs.NavigateUrl property.
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