ASPxGridFilterControlSettings Properties

A base class that provides settings affecting the built-in filter control functionality.
Name Description
AllowHierarchicalColumns Specifies if the filter builder can display hierarchical columns.
AllowNonVisualFilterExpression Specifies whether the filter control enables filtering using complex valid expressions that cannot be visualized in the Visual tab.
ClearOperandValueOnColumnChange Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the criteria value in the Filter Control should be cleared when the specified field name is changed.
GroupOperationsVisibility Gets the visibility settings of the combining operator dropdown menu items in filter builder.
HierarchicalColumnPopupHeight Gets or sets the height of the popup window in which the columns list is displayed when hierarchical columns (see the ASPxGridFilterControlSettings.AllowHierarchicalColumns property) are enabled.
MaxHierarchyDepth Specifies a column's max hierarchy depth level that can be displayed by the filter builder.
ShowAllDataSourceColumns Specifies which columns are visible in the filter builder: all data source columns or only the columns that are visible in the grid.
ShowOperandTypeButton Specifies whether an operand type button is displayed.
TextTabText Gets or sets the text displayed in the filter builder's Text tab.
ViewMode Specifies if the text filter expression editor is displayed in the filter builder.
VisualTabText Gets or sets the text displayed in the filter builder's Visual tab.
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