ASPxGridBase Events

Serves as the base class that implements the main functionality of grid-like controls (such as ASPxGridView, ASPxCardView and ASPxVerticalGrid).
Name Description
BatchUpdate Occurs after an end-user clicks the Update button in batch edit mode and allows you to provide a custom data updating mechanism.
BeforeExport Occurs before the grid content is exported.
BeforeGetCallbackResult Occurs after a callback sent by the current control has been processed on the server, but prior to the time the respective callback result render is formed.
BeforePerformDataSelect Occurs before the control obtains data from a data source.
CallbackError static Allows you to handle any server exception that might occur during server-side processing of a callback sent by a DevExpress web control. Inherited from ASPxWebControl.
ClientLayout Enables you to save and restore the previously saved layout of the grid.
CustomFilterExpressionDisplayText Enables you to display custom text in the filter bar, corresponding to the current filter expression.
CustomSummaryCalculate Enables you to calculate summary values manually.
DataBinding Occurs when the server control binds to a data source. Inherited from Control.
DataBound Occurs after the server control binds to the data source. Inherited from ASPxDataWebControlBase.
Disposed Occurs when a server control is released from memory, which is the last stage of the server control lifecycle when an ASP.NET page is requested. Inherited from Control.
FilterControlColumnsCreated Occurs after all filter control columns have been created.
FilterControlCriteriaValueEditorCreate Enables you to replace the default criteria value editor with a custom one.
FilterControlCriteriaValueEditorInitialize Enables the editors displayed within the criteria value to be initialized.
FilterControlCustomValueDisplayText Enables you to specify the entered filter value’s custom display text to be displayed when the filter control’s condition value editor is inactive.
FilterControlOperationVisibility Enables you to dynamically hide operation items (such as the Equals, Contains, etc.) of the filter control’s operation dropdown menu.
FilterControlParseValue Enables you to process and modify an entered value before it is actually accepted by the filter control.