ButtonEditPropertiesBase Properties

Contains the base settings specific to button editors.
Name Description
AllowMouseWheel Gets or sets a value that specifies whether an end-user is able to change the editor’s value using the mouse wheel.
AllowUserInput Gets or sets a value that specifies whether end-users are allowed to input values into an editor’s edit box.
ButtonEditEllipsisImage Gets the settings which define the ellipsis image displayed within editor buttons.
Buttons Gets the collection of editor buttons.
ButtonStyle Gets the style settings used to paint the editor’s buttons.
ButtonTemplate Gets or sets a common template used for rendering the editor’s buttons.
ClearButton Gets the settings of the editor’s Clear button.
ClearButtonStyle Gets the style settings that define the appearance of an editor’s Clear button.
ClientInstanceName Specifies the editor’s client programmatic identifier. Inherited from EditPropertiesBase.
ConvertEmptyStringToNull Gets or sets a value that specifies whether empty string values are converted to a null reference when an inplace editor’s value is retrieved from a data source field. Inherited from EditProperties.
CssFilePath Gets or sets the path to a CSS file that defines the editor’s appearance. Inherited from EditPropertiesBase.
CssPostfix Gets or sets a CSS class name postfix that identifies style settings to be applied to the editor. Inherited from EditPropertiesBase.
DisplayFormatInEditMode Gets or sets a value specifying whether a format pattern defined via the EditPropertiesBase.DisplayFormatString property should be applied to the editor value displayed in the edit mode of a complex data control (e.g. ASPxGridView). Inherited from TextEditProperties.
DisplayFormatString Gets or sets the pattern used to format the editor’s value for display purposes. Inherited from EditPropertiesBase.
EnableClientSideAPI Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the editor can be manipulated on the client side via code. Inherited from EditPropertiesBase.
EnableDefaultAppearance Obsolete. Specifies whether to enable the control’s default appearance. Inherited from EditPropertiesBase.
EnableFocusedStyle Gets or sets a value that specifies whether an editor in a focused state is displayed with predefined style settings. Inherited from EditProperties.
EncodeHtml Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the editor’s value and element content is rendered as pure HTML, or HTML markers are stripped out. Inherited from EditPropertiesBase.
FocusedStyle Gets the style settings which define an editor’s appearance in the focused state. Inherited from EditProperties.
Height Gets or sets the editor’s height. Inherited from TextEditProperties.
HelpText Gets or sets the current editor help text. Inherited from TextEditProperties.
HelpTextSettings Provides access to an editor’s help text settings. Inherited from TextEditProperties.
HelpTextStyle Gets the style settings that define an editor’s help text appearance. Inherited from TextEditProperties.