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ASPxSplitter.PaneMinSize Property

Gets or sets the minimum size of panes within the splitter control.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v22.1.dll


[DefaultValue(typeof(Unit), "40px")]
public Unit PaneMinSize { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Default Description


A Unit structure that defines the minimum size of panes (either width or height, depending upon the pane orientation).


The default property’s value - 40.

Use the PaneMinSize to specify the minimum size that can be defined for the splitter’s panes using the SplitterPane.Size property or by dragging pane separators at runtime. The PaneMinSize property specifies the height for the panes which are stacked vertically within their container (a parent pane of a splitter control), and the width - for horizontally stacked panes.

This property setting can be overridden at the level of individual panes, using a pane’s SplitterPane.MinSize property.

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