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ASPxSplitter control is a server control that allows you to separate the content of a web page into several resizable panes (like frames).

Splitter Control

The following is a list of the ASPxSplitter features:

  • Splitter control supports unlimited nested splitter panes for creating complex layouts.
  • The ability to specify a splitter’s horizontal or vertical orientation is controlled by the Orientation property.
  • Resizable panes. Drag a pane separator right/left (for horizontal splitter orientation) or up/down (for vertical splitter orientation) to resize a pane.
  • Splitter control supports content live refresh while resizing by using the ResizingMode property.
  • Each splitter pane can contain vertical and/or horizontal scrollbars, or disable them.
  • Panes can be collapsed or expanded with specific buttons on the client-side.
  • Splitter panes states and position on a web page are persisted across postbacks.