ASPxResourceManagerBase Members

Serves as the base type for the ASPxScriptManager and ASPxStyleSheetManager objects.


Name Description
ASPxResourceManagerBase() Initializes a new instance of the ASPxResourceManagerBase object.


Name Description
Adapter protected Gets the browser-specific adapter for the control. Inherited from Control.
AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory Gets or sets the application-relative virtual directory of the Page or UserControl object that contains this control. Inherited from Control.
Attributes Gets the collection of arbitrary attributes (for rendering only) that do not correspond to properties on the control. Inherited from WebControl.
BackwardCompatibility static Provides access to the control’s backward compatibility settings. Inherited from ASPxWebControl.
ChildControlsCreated protected Gets a value that indicates whether the server control’s child controls have been created. Inherited from Control.
ClientID Gets the control’s identifier generated by ASP.NET. Inherited from ASPxWebControlBase.
ClientIDMode Gets or sets the algorithm that is used to generate the value of the ClientID property. Inherited from Control.
ClientIDSeparator protected Gets a character value representing the separator character used in the ClientID property. Inherited from Control.
Context protected Gets the HttpContext object associated with the server control for the current Web request. Inherited from Control.
Controls Gets the web control’s collection of child controls. Inherited from ASPxWebControlBase.
ControlStyle Gets the style of the Web server control. This property is used primarily by control developers. Inherited from WebControl.
ControlStyleCreated Gets a value indicating whether a Style object has been created for the ControlStyle property. This property is primarily used by control developers. Inherited from WebControl.
DataItemContainer Gets a reference to the naming container if the naming container implements IDataItemContainer. Inherited from Control.
DataKeysContainer Gets a reference to the naming container if the naming container implements IDataKeysControl. Inherited from Control.
DisabledCssClass static Gets or sets the CSS class to apply to the rendered HTML element when the control is disabled. Inherited from WebControl.
EmptyImage static Obsolete. Gets the settings of an image which is displayed by the control if the control’s value is null. Inherited from ASPxWebControl.
Enabled Gets or sets a value that indicates whether a web control is enabled, allowing it to respond to end-user interactions. Inherited from ASPxWebControl.
EnableDefaultAppearance Obsolete. Specifies whether to enable the control’s default appearance. Inherited from ASPxWebControl.
EnableViewState Gets or sets a value indicating whether the server control persists its view state, and the view state of any child controls it contains, to the requesting client. Inherited from Control.
Events protected Gets a list of event handler delegates for the control. This property is read-only. Inher