ASPxGridViewExporter Members

A control that allows exporting the ASPxGridView control’s data.


Name Description
ASPxGridViewExporter() Initializes a new instance of the ASPxGridViewExporter class.


Name Description
DefaultMaxColumnWidth static Holds the default value for the column’s maximum width, in pixels. Inherited from ASPxGridExporterBase.


Name Description
Adapter protected Gets the browser-specific adapter for the control. Inherited from Control.
AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory Gets or sets the application-relative virtual directory of the Page or UserControl object that contains this control. Inherited from Control.
BindingContainer Gets the control that contains this control’s data binding. Inherited from Control.

Gets or sets the target document’s bottom margin. This property is not in effect when exporting to XLX or XLSX.

ChildControlsCreated protected Gets a value that indicates whether the server control’s child controls have been created. Inherited from Control.
ClientIDMode Gets or sets the algorithm that is used to generate the value of the ClientID property. Inherited from Control.
ClientIDSeparator protected Gets a character value representing the separator character used in the ClientID property. Inherited from Control.
Context protected Gets the HttpContext object associated with the server control for the current Web request. Inherited from Control.
DataItemContainer Gets a reference to the naming container if the naming container implements IDataItemContainer. Inherited from Control.
DataKeysContainer Gets a reference to the naming container if the naming container implements IDataKeysControl. Inherited from Control.
DesignMode protected Gets a value indicating whether a control is being used on a design surface. Inherited from Control.
DetailHorizontalOffset Gets or sets the detail row’s horizontal offset.
DetailVerticalOffset Gets or sets the detail row’s vertical offset.
EnableViewState Gets or sets a value indicating whether the server control persists its view state, and the view state of any child controls it contains, to the requesting client. Inherited from Control.
Events protected Gets a list of event handler delegates for the control. This property is read-only. Inherited from Control.
ExportedRowType Obsolete. Gets or sets which rows should be exported.
ExportEmptyDetailGrid Gets or sets a value indicating whether it’s necessary to export a detail grid, when it is empty.
ExportSelectedRowsOnly Specifies if only selected rows should be exported.
FileName Gets or sets the file name to which the grid’s data is exported.
GridView Gets the ASPxGridView control to which the ASPxGridViewExporter is assigned.
GridViewID Gets or sets the programmatic identifier of the associated ASPxGridView control.
HasChildViewState protected