ListBoxFilteringSettings Properties

Provides settings that affect the list box’s filtering functionality.
Name Description
CustomEditorID Specifies the ID of a DevExpress editor that is used to set the list box’s filter criterion.
Delay Gets or sets the time interval between the time when a user starts typing within the list box’s filter editor, and filtering is applied.
EditorNullText Gets or sets the string displayed in the filter editor when the editor’s value is null.
EditorNullTextDisplayMode Specifies when the null text is visible in the list box’s filter editor.
EnableAnimation Gets or sets the value that specifies whether a specific animation effect is used when the filter editor invokes/hides if the “Select All” mode is enabled.
MinLength Gets or sets the minimum number of characters an end-user should enter into the editor before the filtering executes.
ShowSearchUI Gets or sets a value specifying whether the ASPxListBox‘s search UI is visible.
UseCompactView Gets or sets a value specifying whether the list box’s search UI is displayed in Compact mode.
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