ASPxGridColumnDataEventArgs.GetListSourceFieldValue(Int32, String) Method

Returns the value of the specified field in the specified data item (row, card or record) in the control’s underlying data source.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v21.2.dll


public object GetListSourceFieldValue(
    int listSourceRowIndex,
    string fieldName


Name Type Description
listSourceRowIndex Int32

An integer value specifying the data item’s index.

fieldName String

A string that specifies the required field name.


Type Description

An object that is a value from the control’s data source.


The GetListSourceFieldValue method returns a value from the specified cell in the control’s underlying data source. The cell is identified by the data item’s index and field name. To get the index of the processed data item, use the ASPxGridColumnDataEventArgs.ListSourceRowIndex property.

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