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ASPxCardView.GetCardValues(Int32, String[]) Method

Returns the values of the specified data source fields within the specified card.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


public object GetCardValues(
    int visibleIndex,
    params string[] fieldNames


Name Type Description
visibleIndex Int32

An integer value that identifies the card.

fieldNames String[]

The names of data source fields whose values within the specified card are returned.


Type Description

An object which is an array of field values (if several field names are passed using the fieldNames parameter) or a direct field value (if a single field name is passed via the fieldNames parameter).


The GetCardValues method returns the values of the specified data source fields in the specified grid card.

To work correctly, the GetCardValues method needs the grid to be data bound to its data source. If the grid isn’t bound yet, the GetCardValues method automatically performs implicit data binding of the grid.


When the GetCardValues method is called during building the control hierarchy of an unbound grid control (e.g. in some cases of handling the ASPxCardView.CustomButtonInitialize event), implicit data binding initiated by the GetCardValues method resets the hierarchy. It might result in displaying no data within the grid, losing values entered by an end-user into editors within the grid, etc. To avoid this behavior, bind the grid manually when the page is being loaded - call the grid’s ASPxWebControl.DataBind method within the Page_Load event handler.


The following example selects customers who live in the specified country.

When an end user types the country into the search box and clicks Search, the button editor’s ButtonClick event is handled to call the ASPxClientCardView.PerformCallback method.

This sends a callback to the server and generates the ASPxCardView.CustomCallback event, which passes the “Country” value entered by the user. The CustomCallback event is handled to select the customers who live in the specified country.

protected void ASPxCardView2_CustomCallback(object sender, ASPxCardViewCustomCallbackEventArgs e)
string country = e.Parameters.ToString();
for (int i = 0; i < ASPxCardView2.VisibleCardCount; i++)
    if (ASPxCardView2.GetCardValues(i, "Country") != null)
        if (ASPxCardView2.GetCardValues(i, "Country").ToString() == country)
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