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MarkerSeriesLabel Class

Stores point label settings for the Area, Line, Spline, and Point series.

Namespace: DevExpress.Maui.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Maui.Charts.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Maui.Charts


public class MarkerSeriesLabel :

The following members return MarkerSeriesLabel objects:


You can accompany series’ data points with labels to show point values as text on a chart:

Line Series Labels

To enable labels for AreaSeries, LineSeries, SplineSeries or PointSeries, set the series’ Label property to the MarkerSeriesLabel object and use this object’s properties to adjust the label settings:

  • TextPattern - Formats series label text.
    A pattern includes regular text (which is displayed as is) and placeholder strings enclosed in braces. Placeholders define which values are shown in labels. You can use the following placeholders to specify the text pattern for series labels:




    Displays a series name.


    Displays a series point argument.


    Displays a series point value.


    To format these values, you can use default format strings after the $ sign.
    For example, in the {V$#.##} string, V is a placeholder, $ is a format string separator, and #.## is a format string.

  • Angle , Indent - Specify how a label is positioned relative to a series point.
  • Style - Provides access to the SeriesLabelStyle object that stores label appearance settings (TextStyle).
  • Visible - Allows you to show or hide labels for the series.

For example, the following code configures point labels for the line series.

        <dxc:MarkerSeriesLabel Angle="45" 
                        <dxc:TextStyle Color="DarkBlue" Size="10"/>
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