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TypicalPriceIndicator Class

A typical price indicator.

Namespace: DevExpress.Maui.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Maui.Charts.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Maui.Charts


public class TypicalPriceIndicator :


This indicator is calculated as the average of a financial series point’s High, Low, and Close values.

Typical Price Indicator

ChartView also supports the MedianPrice and WeightedCloseIndicator price indicators for financial series.

Add an Indicator to a Series

This example demonstrates how to build a typical price indicator for a stock series.

  1. Add the TypicalPriceIndicator object to the chart’s collection of series (ChartView.Series).
  2. Set the indicator’s Data property to a CalculatedSeriesDataAdapter class instance. Use this object’s Series property to specify a series for which the indicator should be calculated.
<dxc:ChartView x:Name="chart">
                <dxc:SeriesDataAdapter DataSource="{Binding StockPrices}" ArgumentDataMember="Date">
                    <dxc:ValueDataMember Type="High" Member="High" />
                    <dxc:ValueDataMember Type="Low" Member="Low" />
                    <dxc:ValueDataMember Type="Open" Member="Open" />
                    <dxc:ValueDataMember Type="Close" Member="Close" />

        <dxc:TypicalPriceIndicator VisibleInLegend="True"
                                   DisplayName="Typical Price">
                <dxc:CalculatedSeriesDataAdapter Series="{Binding Series[0], Source={x:Reference chart}}"/>

Customize Indicator Appearance

To change the typical price indicator line appearance, set the TypicalPriceIndicator.Style property to the LineIndicatorStyle object with the specified Stroke and StrokeThickness properties.

        <dxc:LineIndicatorStyle Stroke="#9859c9"/>

    <!--Indicator Data-->
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