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DevExpress Charts for .NET MAUI

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The DevExpress Charts for .NET MAUI suite helps you transform data to its most appropriate, concise, and readable visual representation.

DevExpress Charts for .NET MAUI

Download and install the DevExpress.Maui.Charts package from the DevExpress NuGet Gallery to obtain our Charts for .NET MAUI suite. The package contains the following components:

Cartesian Chart

ChartView allows you to display data as bars, lines, areas, financial open-high-low-close views, and more.

Read Tutorial: Get Started with Chart View

Features include:

Pie Chart

PieChartView allows you to visualize your data as pies and doughnuts.

Read Tutorial: Get Started with Pie Chart View

Features include:

Supported Series Types

For information on all the available charts, see the following topic: Supported Chart Types.

Bind to Data

DevExpress Charts for .NET MAUI use data adapters to consume series data. For more information, refer to the following help topic: Charts for .NET MAUI. Data Adapters.


For code samples that implement most popular charting usage scenarios, refer to our GitHub repo:

View Example: DevExpress Charts for .NET MAUI

Cards with Custom Content Cards with Custom Content Featured Scenario

Interactive Chart: Bar Selection Interactive Charts: Bar Selection

Candlestick Financial Chart with Volume Bars, Indicators and Time Frames Search Bar Featured Scenario


Our video tutorial shows how to create a charting app based on the DevExpress MAUI component library:

Watch Video: Adding Charts to Your .NET MAUI app with DevExpress Controls