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.NET MAUI Featured Scenarios

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The DevExpress .NET MAUI Controls ship with GitHub examples that implement popular mobile interface patterns.

Expandable Cards with Lists

Expandable Cards with Lists Featured Scenario

Displays CollectionView items within expandable cards.

Related Controls: CollectionView, DXButton

Cards with Custom Content

Cards with Custom Content Featured Scenario

Displays the ChartView within cards.

Related Controls: DXButton, ChartView

Form-Based Authentication (Login/Password) with the DevExpress Web API Service

 Featured Scenario

Uses our free .NET App Security & Web API Service to authenticate users.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) & Permission Management

Featured Scenario

Expands the Authentication scenario with the role-based data access.

Context Menu Actions in Popup

Featured Scenario

Uses our DXPopup control to display custom actions.

Related Controls: DXButton, DXPopup

Enable Multiple Selection and Display Contextual Action Bar

Enable Multiple Selection and Implement the Contextual Action Bar

Handles the DXCollectionView.LongPress event to enable multiple item selection and display the contextual action bar.

Related Controls: DXCollectionView, DXButton

Master-Detail View with BottomSheet Control

Bottom Sheet Featured Scenario

Uses our BottomSheet control to implement a master-detail view.

Related Controls: BottomSheet, DXButton, DXImage

DataGrid Column Chooser

Column Chooser Featured Scenario

This example implements a DataGridView column chooser.

Related Controls: DataGridView, DXPopup, DXCollectionView, CheckEdit

Infinite Collection View Scrolling

Infinite Collection View Scrolling Featured Scenario

Implements infinite scrolling in the DXCollectionView.

Related Controls: DXCollectionView, DXButton

Send Template Messages with Mail Merge

Mail Merge Featured Scenario

Uses Mail Merge (part of our Office File API subscription) to send emails.

Related Controls: DXPopup, RichEditDocumentServer

Replicate a Single-Column Kanban View

Column Chooser Featured Scenario

Implements a single-column Kanban view based on our DataGridView.

Related Controls: DataGridView

Data Grid Search Bar

Search Bar Featured Scenario

Places a DataGridView search bar in a ContentPage‘s toolbar area.

Related Controls: DataGridView, TextEdit, StatusBarBehavior

Sign a PDF File with a Custom Signature

Search Bar Featured Scenario

Uses our Office File API to find a signature field in a PDF document and sign it with your custom drawn signature.

Related Controls: DXPopup, DrawingView, OfficeFileAPI

Google Maps-Inspired POI Details

Search Bar Featured Scenario

Uses the DevExpress BottomSheet control to replicate POI (point of interest) details from Google Maps.

Related Controls: BottomSheet, DXImage, Map Control

Contact Edit Form

Search Bar Featured Scenario

Uses the DataFormView control to build a contact edit form.

Related Controls: DataFormView, DataFormTextItem, DataFormNumericItem, ImageEdit, DXBorder, DXToolbar, StatusBarBehavior

Interactive Chart: Bar Selection

Interactive Charts: Bar Selection

Displays detailed information for the selected Bar in a Chart.

Related Controls: ChartView, StatusBarBehavior

Candlestick Financial Chart with Volume Bars, Indicators and Time Frames

Search Bar Featured Scenario

Displays a financial chart with trading volume bars, financial indicators, and time frame selectors.

Related Controls: ChartView, FilterChipGroup, Chip

Chip Filters for a CollectionView

Search Bar Featured Scenario

Adds chips with predefined filters that you can apply to a CollectionView control.

Related Controls: FilterChipGroup, DXCollectionView

Populate E-Forms in PDF Files

E-Forms in PDF Files - Featured Scenario

Uses the PdfViewer component to display and edit a PDF document that contains interactive forms (AcroForms).

Related Controls: PdfViewer, ToolbarItem

Display Filtering UI Elements in a BottomSheet

Filtering UI Elements in BottomSheet Featured Scenario

Populates a BottomSheet control with the CollectionView’s Filtering UI Elements.

Related Controls: BottomSheet, DXCollectionView

Use Form Items to Build a Settings Page

Replicate Settings Page with Forms Items Featured Scenario

Replicates a settings page with our DevExpress Form Items for MAUI.

Related Controls: FormItem, FormListPickerItem, FormSwitchItem

CRUD Operations

CRUD Operations Featured Scenario

Illustrates the capabilities of the DevExpress CollectionView for .NET MAUI. You can edit existing contacts or add new contacts to the list.

Related Controls: DXCollectionView, DataFormView

Use Gauges to Build a Dashboard Panel

Smart Home App Featured Scenario

Uses the Radial Gauge control to build a dashboard for a smart home app.

Related Controls: RadialGauge, Label, Switch

Use HTML Edit Control to View and Edit Formatted Text

Property Details Featured Scenario

Uses the HTML Edit control to view and edit formatted text stored in HTML format. The control obtains data from a property in the selected DataGridView item.

Related Controls: HtmlEdit, SafeKeyboardAreaView, DataGridView, Label

Use Office File API to Import Excel Data

Import Excel Data Featured Scenario

Uses Office File API to import data from Excel to Data Grid.

Related Controls: OfficeFileAPI, DataFormView

Use DevExpress .NET MAUI Components to Build a Chat View

Build a Chat View

Uses DevExpress .NET MAUI Components to display a chat view with sender and receiver messages, suggested quick replies, and response input controls.

Related Controls: DXContentPresenter, DXCollectionView, DXBorder, TextEdit, DXButton, SafeKeyboardAreaView

Convert HTML to Markdown

Build a Chat View

Uses DevExpress .NET MAUI HTML Edit Control to display HTML markup and convert it to Markdown.

Related Controls: HtmlEdit, DXToolbar, DXDockLayout, Editor