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BollingerBandsIndicator Class

A Bollinger Bands indicator.

Namespace: DevExpress.Maui.Charts

Assembly: DevExpress.Maui.Charts.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Maui.Charts


public class BollingerBandsIndicator :


This indicator looks as follows:

Bollinger Bands Indicator

ChartView also supports the StandardDeviationIndicator and MassIndexIndicator trend indicators for financial series.

Add an Indicator to a Series

This example demonstrates how to build a Bollinger Bands indicator for Close prices of a stock series.

  1. Add the BollingerBandsIndicator object to the chart’s collection of series (ChartView.Series).
  2. Set the indicator’s Data property to a CalculatedSeriesDataAdapter class instance. Use this object’s Series property to specify a series for which the indicator should be calculated.
  3. Use the ValueLevel and PointsCount properties to specify the price level of a financial series point and the number of data points used to calculate the simple moving average and standard deviation.
  4. Use the StandardDeviationMultiplier property to specify the number of standard deviations that define the distance between the moving average (middle band) and the upper/lower band.
<dxc:ChartView x:Name="chart">
                <dxc:SeriesDataAdapter DataSource="{Binding StockPrices}" ArgumentDataMember="Date">
                    <dxc:ValueDataMember Type="High" Member="High" />
                    <dxc:ValueDataMember Type="Low" Member="Low" />
                    <dxc:ValueDataMember Type="Open" Member="Open" />
                    <dxc:ValueDataMember Type="Close" Member="Close" />

        <dxc:BollingerBandsIndicator ValueLevel="Close" 
                                     DisplayName="Bollinger Bands 20">
                <dxc:CalculatedSeriesDataAdapter Series="{Binding Series[0], Source={x:Reference chart}}"/>

Customize Indicator Appearance

To change the line appearance of the Bollinger Bands indicator, set its Style property to the BollingerBandsIndicatorStyle object with the specified settings.

        <dxc:BollingerBandsIndicatorStyle Stroke="#ff1ceb" StrokeThickness="2"
                                          UpperStroke="#ff1ceb" LowerStroke="#ff1ceb" />

    <!--Indicator Data-->
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