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DevExpress.Maui.Controls Namespace

Contains classes and interfaces that implement the SimpleButton, TabView, and DXPopup functionality.

Assembly: DevExpress.Maui.Controls.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Maui.Controls


Name Description
BottomSheet A view that slides out from the bottom of the screen and shows an action list or other supplemental content.
BottomSheetActualAppearance Contains appearance settings that are applied to the Bottom Sheet.
DXImage A component that allows you to display images.
DXPopup A popup view that you can attach to any view on the screen or show as a separate dialog.
DXPopupActualAppearance An appearance object.
Initializer static
ItemHeaderTappedEventArgs Contains data for the ItemHeaderTapped event.
ShimmerView A view that shows placeholders instead of UI elements. Shimmer effects indicate that a loading operation is in progress.
SimpleButton A simple button.
SimpleButtonActualAppearance An appearance object.
TabHeaderLength The header panel’s length that supports the the automatically calculated size.
TabItem The base class for the TabViewItem class.
TabItemActualAppearance An appearance object.
TabItemLength The item length that supports the automatically calculated size, and size measured as a weighted proportion of the available space.
TabView A view that organizes content into groups at the same hierarchy level and allows tab navigation between them.
TabViewActualAppearance An appearance object.
TabViewItem Stores the TabView item’s header settings and content.


Name Description
ItemHeaderTappedEventHandler A method that will handle the TabView.ItemHeaderTapped event.


Name Description
BottomSheetAllowedState Lists states that are available for an invoked bottom sheet.
BottomSheetState Lists Bottom Sheet visibility states.
HeaderContentAlignment Lists values that indicate item headers’ alignment in the header panel.
HeaderContentPosition Lists values that specify an element position in its container.
HeaderElements Lists the combination of elements the item header shows.
IconHorizontalPosition Lists values used to specify the icon horizontal alignment.
ItemHeaderPlacement Lists values that specify how the TabView position the selected tab item header.
PopupHorizontalAlignment Lists values that specify the horizontal alignment of the DXPopup‘s message.
PopupVerticalAlignment Lists values that specify the vertical alignment of the DXPopup‘s message.
TabHeaderUnitType Lists types of values that TabHeaderLength stores.
TabItemLengthUnitType Lists types of values that TabItemLength stores.