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DevExpress Data Editors for .NET MAUI

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The DevExpress Editors for .NET MAUI suite contains controls that allow your users to enter and edit various data types: logins, passwords, dates, phone numbers, email addresses, and much more.

DevExpress Editors for .NET MAUI

Download and install the DevExpress.Maui.Editors package from the DevExpress NuGet Gallery to obtain our data editors. See the following help topic for more information: Get Started with DevExpress Mobile UI for .NET MAUI.

View Example: Get Started with DevExpress Editors for .NET MAUI

All editors support filled and outlined display modes. For more information, refer to the following topic: BoxMode Property.

You can also use the DataFormView component to review and edit a business object’s properties. The component allows you to automatically create editors based on the business object property types.

Text Data Editors

Text editors allow your users to enter logins, emails, phone numbers, passwords, and notes.

Text Editor

TextEdit – A single-line text editor.

DevExpress Text editor for MAUI

Password Editor

PasswordEdit – An editor that allows users to enter and manage passwords.

DevExpress Password editor for MAUI

Multiline Text Editor

MultilineEdit – A multi-line text editor.

DevExpress Multiline text editor for MAUI

These editors combine a text field with a drop-down list.

Combo Box

ComboBoxEdit – A combo box editor. The control allows a user to select a single item.

DevExpress Combo box editor for MAUI

Auto-Complete Editor

AutoCompleteEdit – A text editor that suggests values as a user enters characters into the edit box.

DevExpress Auto-complete editor for MAUI

Token Editor

TokenEdit – An editor for single or multiple item selection with a predefined item source.

DevExpress Token editor for MAUI

Auto-Complete Token Editor

AutoCompleteTokenEdit – An editor for single or multiple item selection that allows you to load items dynamically based on the user input and your custom logic.

DevExpress Auto-complete token editor for MAUI

Date, Time, and Numeric Editors

These editors display a number, date, or time in a specific format.

Numeric Editor

NumericEdit – An editor that displays a numeric value and allows a user to edit the value (enter a number in the edit box or use spin buttons to decrease/increase the value).

DevExpress Numeric editor for MAUI

Date Editor

DateEdit – An editor that displays a date in a specific format. Users can select a date within a cross-platform customizable or platform-specific native date picker.

DevExpress Date editor for MAUI

Time Editor

TimeEdit – An editor that allows users to specify a time. The editor supports 12- and 24-hour formats.

DevExpress Time editor for MAUI

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