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DevExpress.Maui.Core Namespace

Contains classes, interfaces and enums that implement the basic functionality of the DevExpress components for MAUI.

Assembly: DevExpress.Maui.Core.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Maui.Core


Name Description
AppearanceBase The base class for appearance objects.
Localizer static A base class that provides functionality for custom localizers of .NET MAUI Controls.
ResourceStringLoader This class includes the method that returns the localization string value by its key.


Name Description
Localizer.IStringLoader An interface that should be implemented by a class that returns a localization string value by its key.


Name Description
CornerMode Lists values used to specify whether editor corners are rounded or cut.
DataFilterCondition Enumerates filter conditions used to create a filter criterion based on a value in the Auto Filter Row.
DataFilterMode Enumerates values that specify whether filters are applied to the actual cell values or to the text displayed in cells.
DataGroupInterval Lists the values that specify how the data rows are combined into groups.
DataSortMode Lists values that specify how values are sorted and grouped.
DataSortOrder Lists values that specify the data sort order.
DataSummaryProcess Specifies the current status of custom summary calculation.
DataSummaryType Lists values that specify the aggregate function types.
IconVisibility Lists values used to specify when to display an icon.
Placement Lists values that specifies the position of the DXPopup in its container.
UnboundDataType Contains values that specify the data type and binding mode of columns.
VisibilityState Lists values that specify the visibility state.