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SchedulerControl.CustomizeAppointmentFlyout Event

Occurs before displaying an appointment flyout and allows you to change the displayed text, background and the subject’s font. Precedes the SchedulerControl.CustomDrawAppointmentFlyoutSubject event.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraScheduler

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraScheduler.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Win.Scheduler


public event CustomizeAppointmentFlyoutEventHandler CustomizeAppointmentFlyout

Event Data

The CustomizeAppointmentFlyout event's data class is CustomizeAppointmentFlyoutEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
Appearance Provides access to an object used to control the appearance of the flyout contents, except the Subject rectangle.
Appointment Provides access to an appointment for which the flyout is invoked.
End Gets or sets the DateTime value displayed after the End text label.
Location Gets or sets the text displayed after the Location text label.
Reminder Gets or sets a reminder whose information is displayed in the appointment flyout.
ShowEndDate Gets or sets whether to display the End information.
ShowLocation Gets or sets whether to display the Location information.
ShowReminder Gets or sets whether to display the time before start information of the appointment reminder.
ShowStartDate Gets or sets whether to display the Start information.
ShowStatus Gets or sets whether to display the status line.
ShowSubject Gets or sets whether to display the Subject rectangle.
Start Gets or sets the DateTime value displayed after the Start text label.
Subject Gets or sets the text displayed in the Subject rectangle.
SubjectAppearance Provides access to an object used to specify the appearance of the text in the Subject rectangle of the appointment flyout.


By handling the CustomizeAppointmentFlyout event, you can change the text displayed in the flyout, specify the background color and the font used to display the information. You can also specify whether to display the status line in the Subject rectangle and whether to show the Subject rectangle itself.

If the SchedulerOptionsCustomization.AllowDisplayAppointmentFlyout property is false, this event does not occur.


This example handles the SchedulerControl.CustomizeAppointmentFlyout event to customize the Appointment Flyout element. The SchedulerControl.CustomDrawAppointmentFlyoutSubject event is handled to perform custom drawing in the flyout’s subject region.


    scheduler.ActiveViewType = SchedulerViewType.FullWeek;
    scheduler.CustomizeAppointmentFlyout += scheduler_CustomizeAppointmentFlyout;
    scheduler.CustomDrawAppointmentFlyoutSubject+= scheduler_CustomDrawAppointmentFlyoutSubject;
static Font fnt = new Font("Segoe UI", 10f);
public static void scheduler_CustomizeAppointmentFlyout(object sender, CustomizeAppointmentFlyoutEventArgs e) {
    e.ShowSubject = true;
    e.Subject = String.Format("{0} - {1:f}", e.Subject.Split()[0], e.Start);
    e.SubjectAppearance.Font = fnt;
    e.ShowReminder = false;
    e.ShowLocation = false;
    e.ShowEndDate = false;
    e.ShowStartDate = false;
    e.ShowStatus = true;
    e.Appearance.BackColor = Color.Gray;
static Font fnt1 = new Font("Verdana", 12f);
public static void scheduler_CustomDrawAppointmentFlyoutSubject(object sender, CustomDrawAppointmentFlyoutSubjectEventArgs e) {
    e.Cache.FillRectangle(Brushes.White, e.Bounds);
    e.Cache.DrawString("Please note", fnt1, Brushes.Blue, 
        new Rectangle(e.Bounds.X + 50, e.Bounds.Y, e.Bounds.Width, e.Bounds.Height),
    e.Handled = true;

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