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Appointment Flyout

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An Appointment Flyout is a visual element that appears when the mouse pointer hovers over an appointment. It displays the following appointment properties as text:

The colored rectangle, which has a strip on the left side and contains the appointment subject’s text (the Subject rectangle), indicates the appointment Label and Status:


To hide appointment flyouts, set the SchedulerOptionsCustomization.AllowDisplayAppointmentFlyout property to false.

If the appointment’s subject text does not fit in the flyout subject box, it is clipped. To resolve an issue, set the AppointmentFlyoutOptions.SubjectAutoHeight option to true.

You can customize the appointment flyout by handling the following events:

Event Description
SchedulerControl.CustomizeAppointmentFlyout Allows you to show or hide any of the appointment properties displayed in the flyout. You can also display the arbitrary text, specify the background color and the font characteristics.
SchedulerControl.CustomDrawAppointmentFlyoutSubject Handle this event to manually draw the visual elements composing the Subject rectangle.
SchedulerControl.AppointmentFlyoutShowing Handle this event to display a custom control instead of the flyout control.


Flyouts have priority over tooltips, so the ToolTipController.BeforeShow event does not fire by default. To display tooltips instead of flyouts, set the SchedulerOptionsCustomization.AllowDisplayAppointmentFlyout option to false and specify the SchedulerOptionsView.ToolTipVisibility as required (set it to ToolTipVisibility.Always to always show tooltips).

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