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LoadingDecorator Class

A container control for displaying long-loading content. Once the content is fully loaded, the loading indicator disappears and the content becomes visible.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Core

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v24.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Wpf.Core


public class LoadingDecorator :


The LoadingDecorator is a container control that displays a loading indicator during data/content loading. The Loading Decorator uses the Wait Indicator control to inform that loading is in progress. The Loading Decorator disappears when the content is loaded.



The Wait Indicator works within the main application’s UI thread. UI freezes may affect the Wait Indicator animation.

Wrap the content with the dx:LoadingDecorator tag to add the LoadingDecorator to an application:

<Window xmlns:dx=""...>

View Example: How to add the Loading Decorator to the MVVM Application

Lock Modes

Use the LoadingDecorator.OwnerLock property to specify which part of an applications is locked while the LoadingDecorator content loads:

Value Image Description
Full ownermode-full

Blocks the entire window.

InputOnly ownermode-inputonly

Blocks the entire window’s input. The window’s title bar stays active, and you can move the window.

LoadingContent ownermode-loading-content

Blocks only the LoadingDecorator’s content.

None ownermode-none

Nothing is blocked.

View Example: How to use the Loading Decorator's OwnerLock property



Use LoadingDecorator.SplashScreenTemplate and LoadingDecorator.SplashScreenDataContext properties to customize the LoadingDecorator‘s content, layout, and appearance.

The following code sample sets the Loading Decorator‘s text to Loading…Please wait:

    <dx:LoadingDecorator SplashScreenDataContext="Test value" ...>
                <dx:WaitIndicator Content="{Binding}" DeferedVisibility="True">
                            <TextBlock Text="{Binding}" />

Loading Decorator Customization - Custom Text


Set the WaitIndicator‘s Content property to "" (empty string) to hide the Loading Decorator‘s text.


Use the LoadingDecorator.SplashScreenLocation property to specify the Loading Decorator position.

    <dx:LoadingDecorator SplashScreenLocation="CenterContainer">

You can set the LoadingDecorator.SplashScreenLocation property to the following values:

Value Description
CenterWindow Locates the splash screen in the window center.
CenterScreen Locates the splash screen in the screen center.
CenterContainer Locates the splash screen in the container center.


Use the following properties to specify the border highlight effect:

<dx:LoadingDecorator ... BorderEffect="Default" BorderEffectColor="Red">


Fade Animation

Use the following properties to customize fade effects:

The following code sample sets the Fade In and Fade Out animation time to 400 milliseconds:

<dx:LoadingDecorator FadeInDuration="0:0:0:0.4" FadeOutDuration="0:0:0:0.4">
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