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UI Test Automation Support

DevExpress WPF Controls support the UI Automation framework. This framework includes a wide range of automated testing capabilities:

  • DevExpress WPF controls form a theme-independent AutomationPeer hierarchy.
  • You can search for AutomationPeer properties in the automation tree. Both generated and assigned in XAML/code AutomationPeer properties are available for search.
  • Our AutomationPeers include a variety of automation patterns, such as Invoke, ExpandCollapse, Selection, Scroll, and others.

You can create automated tests with the UIAutomationClient library API or use any UI testing library based on the UI Automation technology.

Enable UI Testing Mode to get the best testing experience. Refer to the ClearAutomationEventsHelper.UITestingEnabled property for more information.

Refer to the How To Test Controls With Appium topic for more information on how to write tests with Appium API (WinAppDriver framework).

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