How to: Remove an Item from the Context Menu

The following example removes an item from the Total Summary panel‘s context menu:

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Add the RemoveBarItemAndLinkAction object to the DataViewBase.TotalSummaryMenuCustomizations collection. Specify the BarItemActionBase.ItemName property with the menu item name from the DefaultSummaryMenuItemNames class.

    <dxb:RemoveBarItemAndLinkAction ItemName="{x:Static dxg:DefaultSummaryMenuItemNames.Customize}" />

In Code

Handle the DataViewBase.ShowGridMenu event.

<dxg:TableView ShowGridMenu="ShowGridMenu" />
void ShowGridMenu(object sender, GridMenuEventArgs e) {
    if (e.MenuType == GridMenuType.TotalSummary) {
        e.Customizations.Add(new RemoveAction { ElementName = DefaultSummaryMenuItemNames.Customize });