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Tree List

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The WPF Tree List (TreeListControl) is a data-aware control designed to display and edit hierarchical data. The TreeListControl allows users to manage data (sort, filter, and so on).


The Tree List is available as a stand-alone control or as one of the Data Grid Views.

Get Started

Bind to Data

Refer to the following topic for more information: Bind to Data.

Display Hierarchical Data

The TreeListControl can display data in a tree from a self-referential (flat) or hierarchical data structure.

Self-Referential Data
Build a tree if objects in a data source contain Key and Parent fields.
Child Nodes Path
Set a path to the children field. Use this technique only when child and parent fields have the same object type.
Child Nodes Selector
Create a selector that returns node children. You can use this technique for different object types.
Asynchronous Child Nodes Selector
Fetch child nodes in a background thread to keep the TreeListView responsive to user actions.
Hierarchical Data Templates
Create a template for different data types.
Unbound Mode
Create a tree without a data source.

Refer to the following help topic for more information: Display Hierarchical Data.

Edit Data

The TreeListControl allows you to:

Sort Data

The TreeListControl allows you to Sort Data against one or multiple columns.

Filter and Search Data

The TreeListControl supports the following ways to filter and search data:

Display Summaries

The TreeListControl allows you to display Data Summaries for individual columns or children of each node. The control ships with a number of built-in functions, such as Sum, Maximum Value, Record Count, and others. You can also implement a custom aggregation function.

Select Data

The TreeListControl allows you to select nodes, cells, or their ranges.


The TreeListControl supports native drag-and-drop that allows users to:

Conditional Formatting

The TreeListControl supports Conditional Formatting. You can highlight critical information, identify trends and exceptions, and compare data.

Customize Appearance

The TreeListControl allows you to change the data layout, appearance, and visual presentation of elements (for example, cells, nodes, summaries, etc.).

The TreeListControl allows you to print data and export it in various formats - PDF, RTF, XLS, etc.


Extended design-time support allows you to configure the TreeListControl.

TreeList Quick Actions

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