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The DevExpress WPF Scheduler (SchedulerControl) is inspired by Microsoft Outlook Calendar. It features rich editing capabilities, a variety of views, MVVM support, and extensive customization options.

Try DevExpress WPF Scheduler In Your Project

Visit to learn more about this product’s features, capabilities, and pricing options: WPF Scheduler Control. To try DevExpress controls and libraries in your projects, download our fully-functional 30-day trial version.

Download: Free 30-Day Trial

Sample Applications

The following demo screenshots illustrate several popular use-case scenarios for the Scheduler control. We recommend that you download the free trial and review these demos to learn more about the control and its interactive capabilities.

Get Started

These topics explain how to use the Scheduler Control.

Data Operations

This section describes data operations from the perspective of the developer and user.


This section describes how to customize the appearance of the Scheduler.


These topics here describe how to format scheduler data and create printable reports.

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