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Diagram Control

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The DevExpress WPF Diagram Control provides components that allow you and your end-users to create and display diagrams of various types and styles.

Diagram Designer


The Diagram Designer provides a visual interface to help you design new diagrams and modify existing ones, save diagrams to a file and load previously saved diagrams. Key features include:

  • Built-in Visio-inspired diagram themes. Ability to create custom themes.
  • Saving diagrams to and restoring them from storage, as well as printing and exporting to image files (PNG, JPEG, BMP and GIF).
  • MVVM Support


Topic: Diagram Designer

Diagram Items


The Diagram Control is shipped with 130 diagram shapes and the ability to define custom shapes. Our customizable Visio inspired connectors support automatic routing algorithms.

  • Shape drag-and-drop
  • Shape sizing and rotating
  • Raster and SVG image items
  • Containers
  • Diagram zooming
  • Cut/Copy/Paste operations
  • Undo and Redo functionality
  • Snapping to grid and other shapes
  • In-place text editing


Topic: Diagram Items

Automatic Layout

The DevExpress Diagram Control provides the ability to automatically arrange shapes using one of the predefined drawing algorithms. This feature allows you and your end-users to quickly and effectively generate drawings, which can be manually fine-tuned afterwards.


Topic: Automatic Layout

Data Binding Functionality

The DevExpress Diagram Control is shipped with powerful tools to generate diagrams from a data source.

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