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Gantt Control

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The DevExpress WPF Gantt Control is a TreeListControl descendant that displays a tree of tasks/subtasks and a Gantt chart area that visualize task flow and relations.

  • Getting Started

    Learn how to start using the Gantt Control.

  • Visual Elements

    This section lists visual elements available in the Gantt Control.

  • Item Types

    Describes the Gantt Control’s supported task types.

  • Print and Export

    Lists properties and methods that allow you to print and export Gantt data.

  • Appearance Customization

    Describes properties and techniques that you can use to customize the appearance of Gantt UI elements.

Bind to Data


To display Gantt items within the Gantt Control, you first need to bind it to a data source. This section contains help articles and tutorials related to all supported data binding scenarios.

  • Bind to Data

    Describes how to bind the Gantt Control to a data source.

  • Task Dependencies

    This topic explains how to store task dependencies in your data source and to display task dependencies in the Gantt Control.

  • Mappings

    When you bind the Gantt Control to a data source, you need to map task properties to data source fields.

  • Resources

    The GanttControl allows you to assign resources to tasks and specify the percentage of time a resource spends on a task.

  • Working and Non-Working Time Ranges

    The Gantt Control allows you to define working and nonworking time ranges, and change their visibility and appearance.

  • Strip Lines (Time Indicators)

    The Gantt Control allows you to highlight individual time points or time ranges on the timeline.

  • Critical Path Support

    The GanttControl can automatically calculate and highlight critical paths in the Gantt area.

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