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Gauge Controls

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You can build professional dashboards with the DevExpress Gauges Suite which contains analog (both circular and linear) gauge controls, digital panels and state indicators.

Numerous ready-to-use gauge control models, including multiple circular gauge types, horizontal and vertical linear gauges, segment and matrix digital gauges, as well as state indicators - with integrated support for end-user interactivity, allow you to turn individual gauge controls into complex UI control elements.

Getting Started


The following topics describe the basics of the DevExpress Gauges Suite:

Circular Gauges


The DevExpress CircularGaugeControl for WPF allows you to create different circular gauges (Full, Three-Quarter, Half, Top-Left Quarter, etc.). The Circular Gauge also provides a wide variety of settings to configure a gauge’s layout and appearance.

Linear Gauges


In addition to the Circular Gauge control, the DevExpress Gauges suite is shipped with the LinearGaugeControl for WPF. The built-in models help you create sensors and indicators with a linear scale.

Digital Gauges


The DigitalGaugeControl allows you to create gauges that resemble digital LED boards. You can use the gauge’s built-in models for matrix and segmented digital gauges.

Moreover, digital gauges support custom symbol mapping which allow end-users to draw a picture on the symbols panel.

State Indicators


A State Indicator control contains built-in images that can be used to imitate indicators’ states. You can add an unlimited number of custom images to the control.

Run Demo: State Indicator Models

You can also integrate a state indicator into any analog gauge control that is shipped with the DXGauges Suite.

Run Demo: Integration With Analog Gauges



The Gauges provides a wide variety of predefined models that specify the Gauge’s appearance. Use a themeable model to integrate a gauge into an application that supports DevExpress WPF themes.

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