Bind to Data

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You can bind the GridControl to any object that implements the IEnumerable interface or its descendant (for example, IList, ICollection). To bind the control to data, you should assign a data source to the grid’s DataControlBase.ItemsSource property:

<Window xmlns:dxg="" ...>
    <dxg:GridControl ItemsSource="{Binding Customers}" AutoGenerateColumns="AddNew"/>



The following example shows how to bind the WPF Data Grid to different data sources.

View Example: Bind the WPF Data Grid to Data

This example includes multiple solutions that demonstrate:

  • How to bind the Data Grid to Entity Framework, EF Core, and XPO.
  • Different binding mechanisms: virtual sources, server mode sources, and local data.
  • MVVM and code-behind patterns.

After you bind the Data Grid to a database, you can implement CRUD operations (create, read update, delete). Refer to the following topic for more information: CRUD Operations in a Data-Bound Grid.

View Example: Implement CRUD Operations in the WPF Data Grid

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