TreeMap Control

The DevExpress TreeMap control provides all the functionality required to display your data in an easily readable visual form. To perform this, the control uses rectangles whose sizes are proportional to the visualized values.

Getting Started


This section contains tutorials that are intended to help first-time users get acquainted with the DevExpress TreeMapControl for WPF.

Providing Data


The TreeMap control visualizes groups and leafs that should be provided to the TreeMap control. This topic describes ways to provide tree map items for displaying.


Layout Algorithms

The TreeMap control allows you to specify the algorithm used to layout tree map items. This topic describes the layout algorithms used by the TreeMap control.



Colorizers allow you to automatically provide colors for tree map items using a color distribution algorithm. This document describes the Colorizers used by the TreeMap control.


End-User Interaction

The TreeMap control supports end-user interaction. This section explains how to configure the interaction capabilities of the TreeMap control.


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