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Table of Contents Dialog

The Table of Contents dialog allows end-users to change the Table of Contents‘ appearance and preview the result.


End-users can right-click the table of contents and select the Edit Table of Contents… item in the context menu to invoke this dialog.


The table below describes the dialog’s options and the TOC field switches used to achieve the required result:

Option Description Field Switch
Show page numbers Shows or hides the entries’ page numbers. \n
Right-align page numbers Aligns page numbers to the right. If this option is not specified, the page numbers are displayed near the entry title. \p “ “
Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers Converts the table entries to hyperlinks. \h
Show levels Defines the displayed levels (1-9) in the table of contents. This option is unavailable for the table of contents based on the TC field. \o “LEVELSTART-LEVELEND”


Call the FieldCollection.Create method to insert a TOC field with the desired switches and create the table of contents in code. Refer to the How to: Create a Table of Contents in Code topic for an example.

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