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Product Information on the WPF Rich Text Editor

Included Components

The RichEditControl implements the main Rich Edit functionality, and is available in the DX.23.1: Rich Text Editor toolbox tab in Visual Studio.

Drag the Rich Edit Control from the Toolbox

The RichEditControl contains an integrated ribbon with all available ribbon pages. You can create, modify or remove ribbon elements, as described in this topic: Customize the Integrated Ribbon UI.

<Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.MainWindow"
        Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525" 
        <dxre:RichEditControl CommandBarStyle="Ribbon"/>

The functionality of the RichEditControl is programmatically accessible using the native API. The Document interface, exposed via the RichEditControl.Document property, is the main way for a programmer to use API methods and properties.

The RichEditControl displays a document with a set of Views. When a document is loaded, the Document Model is constructed and transformed into the Document Layout. The current RichEditControl.ActiveView renders and displays the layout. Therefore, a document exists only in its native RichEdit representation. To get a document or a part of a document in any other format, a corresponding exporter is utilized.

For more information on the document structure and on the interaction between a model and a layout, refer to the RichEditControl Document section.

For an overview of RichEditControl events, review the Events article.