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Select Rows and Cells

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Read Tutorial: Select Rows and Cells in Code

Select Individual Rows and Cells

End users can use the navigation keys and mouse to select individual data items within the GridControl.

Select Multiple Items

To select all visible data items:

  1. Check that the cell’s in-place editor is closed;
  2. Press Ctrl + A.


Check that the DataViewBase.NavigationStyle and DataControlBase.SelectionMode properties are not set to None.

Select Multiple Rows

Refer to the Row Selection topic for information on multiple row selection modes.

The Row Selection Mode

The MultipleRow Selection Mode

  • Click a row to select/unselect it:

  • Focus a row with the keyboard and press Space to select/unselect it:

Select Multiple Cells

Refer to the following help topic for more information: Multiple Cell Selection Mode.

  • Hold Ctrl and click multiple cells to select/unselect them:

  • Select the initial cell, hold Shift, and use the mouse or navigation keys to select the last cell of the range:

  • Hold Ctrl, focus a cell with the keyboard, and press Space to select/unselect it:

  • Hold the left mouse button and drag the pointer to select a range of cells (also, you can use the Selection Rectangle):

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