FibonacciIndicatorLabel.BaseLevelTextColor Property

Gets or sets a value defining the text color of the Fibonacci Indicator's base levels labels (0% or 100% depending on the indicator kind).

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraCharts

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.v20.1.dll


public Color BaseLevelTextColor { get; set; }
Public Property BaseLevelTextColor As Color

Property Value

Type Description

A Color value which represents the color of the indicator's base level's labels.


There are several kinds of Fibonacci Indicators (represented by the FibonacciIndicator class), which are determined by the FibonacciIndicatorKind property. For each kind there is the option to show or hide the so-called base levels, which display the 0% or 100% levels (or both), depending on the specific indicator kind. These levels are not members of a Fibonacci sequence, but using them may be helpful to better represent a trend.

And, you can use the BaseLevelTextColor property to define a custom text color for the labels that accompany base level lines of a Fibonacci Indicator.

For more information, refer to Fibonacci Indicators.

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