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DevExpress.Map Namespace

Contains common utility classes used by the Map controls from DevExpress.

Assembly: DevExpress.Map.v24.1.Core.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Map.Core


Name Description
AttributeDisplayValueEditEventArgs Provides data for the MapItemsLayerBase.AttributeDisplayValueEdit and VectorLayerBase.AttributeDisplayValueEdit events.
CoordPoint The base class for all map coordinate points.
RangeDistributionBase The base for classes that define distribution of color ranges in a colorizer.


Name Description
IHeatmapPoint The base interface for heatmap points.
ISupportCoordLocation The interface that should be provided by map vector items whose location can be determined.
ISupportCoordPoints The interface that should be implemented by map vector items specified using an array of points.


Name Description
MapBounds Represents the map bounds.